What We Do

Custom application development is the process of designing software applications to meet an organization's specific needs. Custom software solutions are innovative solutions with capabilities unique to the business need rather than aligning with standard off-the-shelf solutions. Our approach takes advantage of pure custom development, and where appropriate, low-code application development platforms.

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Systems Integrations

Application Modernization

Cloud Migration

Applications Analysis

Image of mapping from space

Geospatial Integration and Analysis

MBS has extensive experience installing, configuring, supporting, and integrating GIS tools into business and organizational environments. Let us guide and support you along your geospatial journey.

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Spatial Data Enablement

Enterprise GIS

Systems Integration

Custom Development 

Geospatial Analysis 

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Data Engineering

Data Engineering is the process of building data pipelines to transform and transport data throughout an organization ensuring it is available in the correct format to be used for either an application modernization or for data analytics. Our data engineering processes enable maximum value extraction from downstream activities such as transactional systems, data analysis, and data science. Data pipelines and information architecture play a key role in extracting value from your data and MBS can help your organization.

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Legacy Data Migration

Data Quality and Data Governance Assessment

Business Intelligence ETL/ ELT

Data Warehouse/Data Lake Design 

Real-Time Data Pipelines