Application Development

Custom Application Development

MBS specializes in custom application development helping organizations reach optimal performance. Our highly innovative team has developed numerous custom applications where commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)/out-of-the-box (OOTB) software does not meet the requirement need of the business. Benefits of custom application development:

  • Meets the unique needs of the business filling in gaps where COTS products may fall short
  • Cost competitive to that of purchasing, maintaining and configuring COTS software
  • Reduces risk by offering additional security measures and can be enhanced with encryption when custom-built
  • Avoid restrictions of OOTB tools

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications allow easy – on the go access and data input for anyone, at any time and from anywhere.

MBS capabilities include:

  • The design of web application on mobile devices using Responsive Design patterns. This style of web application development allows for a “write once, run at multiple window sizes” code base and is the simplest form of allowing mobile access to web applications.
  • Full-functioning mobile readiness, including mobile application development
  • Focusing on accessibility, discoverability, and efficiency for user experience (UX)

Our Mobile Computing Decision framework, outlined below, guides organizations through the decision of whether to build a mobile application as well as what infrastructure to use, which devices to support and what applications to build.

Low Code Application Development

Low-code platforms enable your organization’s digital transformation by employing a unique software development approach to rapidly build business applications of value. Powered with visual modeling capabilities, low-code platforms leverage pre-built modules, integration tools, plug-ins, thoughtful UIs, and core business components to quickly create solutions that are secure, scalable, and extensible. Low Code solutions from the simple to the complex can be used across the enterprise for stand-alone, web, and mobile. Everything from simple business process automation to mission-critical multi-modal applications can be built, tested, and deployed in less time than custom-coded applications.

Microsoft Power Application Platform

MBS utilizes PowerApps, a low code platform, in the Microsoft Azure portal for various client solutions including data migration efforts.
PowerApps provides the front-end user interface for interactive applications and is integrated with other components in the Microsoft Power Platform such as Power Automation and Azure Data Factories. These additional tools provide connectors to a wide variety of components such as SharePoint, SQL Server, Azure blob storage, Office 365 applications and others. Event code in the PowerApps application leverages these connectors to access and update a wide variety of data sources. PowerApps is a data and event driven user interface for the web, some of its benefits include:

  • Using OneDrive, SharePoint, and other services like Microsoft Flow and PowerBI, PowerApps applications can be implemented in the cloud.
  • PowerApp applications can be deployed to smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as desktop computers due to responsive device-agnostic form design features.
  • Leveraging the low code platforms has driven our projects to adapt to an agile methodology. As development features are rapidly turned over, tested and implemented the organization experiences a decreased time to market while increasing business value.

A couple of examples of MBS PowerApps include:

  • Basic CRUD screens (create, read, update, delete) for a variety of related database tables.
  • Constructing a custom tool for cleaning up, loading, and consolidating data from a collection of mismatched vendor data files.
  • Merging and coordinating data from the various source into a single, usable modern system of record.