Pension & Health Benefits

For many years, Managed Business Solutions, MBS, has established a niche practice for migrating Pension and Benefits data to new COTS systems and supporting data warehouse and reporting solutions for both public and private funds.

We understand that many of the business rules associated with awarded pensions and health eligibility are complex. To overcome this, we have a history of successfully coding solutions to capture, maintain and transform supporting data based on its deep meaning to the business. Further, MBS has worked with clients to build out Systems of Record for missing or incomplete data.

MBS understands multi-employer environments. Whether MBS’s client is a Taft-Hartley organization or a large public fund, MBS understands that there may be a large number of employers participating in the plan with a lot of varying agreements. MBS understands the complexities of managing these relationships through data and their impact on pension and health eligibility.

MBS frequently works with mixed teams of MBS, client and other vendor resources. As an example in one of our projects, MBS provided leadership, guidance and process management while client IT staff performed all of the migration script development. Then within another project, MBS worked with in-house staff, COTS vendor staff and other third-party consultants to complete the entire migration, maintaining strong collaborative relationships with all parties.  In all cases, MBS provides the services required to complement the full team

A summary of MBS’s services is below. This approach has resulted in a proven record of accomplishment with our projects. As such, MBS can influence a project team to build a highly collaborative environment, where all parties can focus on solving business problems. Teams gain strong alignment and good performance when they all see the common goal of making the business processes and system stronger for an organization and see the details of how data mapping and migration will make that happen. To view the other industries we serve, click here.