Data Migration and BI Solutions for Pension & Health Plans

Data is a valuable resource to your organization, second only to your people. Data and information management are key processes to help your organization realize maximum value from your data resources. Data is integral to operational systems and ensuring fast, secure, accurate transactions requires proper database and system design. Turning data into information requires data pipelines capable of transmitting, transforming, and transmuting your data into a format digestible by Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions.

MBS designs, builds, and implements information and data management solutions using COTS components or custom coding based on your organization’s needs. We build security in at the code and infrastructure level to ensure data security whether your data is in transit or at rest.

an image to represent information and data management

BI Solutions

MBS views Business intelligence (BI) as a broad portfolio of solutions enabling organizations to report on their data for descriptive and diagnostic purposes. BI encompasses activities such as data warehousing, information management, enterprise applications and governance, as well as risk and security compliances.

Business Analytics (BA) is a companion to BI and focuses on enabling organizations to predict future trends and prescribe actions leading to desired outcomes. BA encompasses activities such as statistical analysis, data mining, quantitative analysis, and interactive dashboards.
MBS engages in a collaborative effort to understand your business need then designs, builds, and implements BI and BA solutions using COTS and custom solutions to achieve desired results.

Data Migration

In the modern age of information, even small, relatively young organizations have accumulated a non-trivial amount of data. For larger organizations with more history, the amount and complexity of existing data exponentially increases every year. As new COTS solutions are purchased or existing applications are modernized, a crucial element of these projects is preserving existing data for both operational and reporting needs.

MBS has developed meticulous processes to efficiently and accurately migrate your data forward from legacy systems to modern solutions. Our processes ensure your data are not lost while minimizing operational downtime.