Global Offsite Storage

Business records are information lifeblood of modern business operations. Whether in digital or paper form, it is only a question of time before some crucial piece of information becomes a bottleneck to a decision process – in the best case – or required for compliance, audit or litigation – in the worst.

MBS’ Offsite Storage services combine Certified Records Management practices, media and electronic vaulting services, document classification and web based software to create the most efficient working environment for:

  • Control: Our management software allows you to search, order, add and update the records stored through our Web based portal.
  • Storage: Our state-of-the-art facility exceeds all Federal and State guidelines for the storage of records.
  • Retrieval: Accurate and reliable retrieval of requested materials, available 24/7 through our web based software suite.
  • Transportation: Our transportation, GPS-equipped, service provides secure pickup and delivery in company owned vehicles.
  • Destruction: On and Off-site certified destruction services designed to address compliance and safeguard sensitive business records.

MBS Offsite Storage Services

Document Management: Cost effective secure and reliable indexing, storage and retrieval of physical documents using our web based software suite.

Electronic Media: Secure storage, protection, and restoration of computer backup data to meet your disaster recovery requirements

Digital Document Solutions: Secure solutions for digital capture, retrieval, storage and processing of documents

Secure Record Destruction: Secure, dependable and confidential destruction of sensitive materials